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Play School:

It is now known that there can be many benefits for your child in attending a quality Play School. It offers an opportunity for children to develop in each of these areas: social, intellectual, emotional, language and physical developments as they learn to mix with other children and adults and how to behave in a respectful way with others. They also have fun and make new friends and adjust to being a part of a group by sharing, caring for others.

Children learn to use their mind by developing ideas, solving problems and expressing themselves, developing their imagination, creativity, pre-maths and pre-reading skills. They also adjust to spending time away from their families and become independent which in turn makes them a more confident child.

They develop language and writing skills by communicating with others using words, phrases and eventually sentences which in turn help them to express more freely and creatively. They also learn motor skills which help them gain greater control over their body and movement

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